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Digital Philly understands Google Ads are a big investment, which is why we focus first and foremost on ROI. We offer small to medium size businesses a reliable and highly measurable lead and revenue generation source. We can work with any budget to increase your business’ bottom line, even if you haven’t seen a profit from your other advertising and lead generation sources.

Your business can start at any stage of Google Ads creation: never worked with Google Ads? Great, we can create and build out your campaigns. Have you built out campaigns in the past, but need them optimized to suit your needs? We can do that too. Do you want to keep your campaigns, but need our input? That’s just fine by us. We are here to be your business’ digital partner.

Digital Philly offers strategies that align with your business’ goals to drive the most revenue. These include, but are not limited to:

Text Ads

Text ads are still an incredibly powerful way to drive traffic to your website. Most small businesses Digital Philly has worked with usually see double their usual traffic when utilizing text ad strategies.

Google is increasingly obscuring that these listings are indeed “ads.” The blurred lines between the organic listings and paid ads is the reason why these are important additions to your digital marketing strategy.

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A customer comes to your site, checks out what you have to say, but then leaves. Want to keep reminding them that they need to checkout? Send them a Remarketing Ad! Remarketing Ads appear to searchers after they leave your site. This reminder may just be the nudge they need to complete their order or fill out a “Contact Us” form.

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Shopping Ads

Perfect to pair with an e-Commerce SEO strategy, shopping ads are becoming more and more prominent by the day. This strategy directly targets customers who are looking for your product and immediately captures their attention. Your ads may be displayed even before the results.

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Video Ads

Video Ads are still low cost and bringing in eye-popping results for certain industries. If your company already produces a lot of video content, why don’t you turn those videos into Ads which drive new customers and revenue? Digital Philly can help you bring your video ads to life.

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