Search Engine Optimization Services

Search Engine Optimization is a marketing strategy utilizing techniques that are focused on increasing website traffic from organic search engine results. Through increased visibility on popular search engines (such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.),
Digital Philly has over 10 years of experience in executing SEO campaigns for companies of all budgets. We can take your company to new heights on Google and other search engines.

Digital Philly utilizes three key metrics to measure your website’s SEO success:

  • Rankings
  • Traffic
  • Leads

Google and other search engines are always changing their algorithms in an effort to deliver the highest quality results to their users. Keeping pace with these updates can be a challenge for even the most tech-savvy business owners.

That’s why it is important to partner with an experienced SEO agency – one that will deliver search engine optimization best practices, adhere to Google’s web search guidelines, and keep your website where you want it, on the top of the first page. At Digital Philly, we deliver comprehensive and varied SEO strategies which align with your company’s goals. These include:

Technical SEO

Technical Audit – Deep Dive
What if searchers can’t find your website? What has gone wrong? Working in accordance with the search engines’ best practices is crucial to building a findable website. You may have your industry’s best content, but without the proper technical backend support, your website may not appear where you want it to.

Digital Philly ensures that your website is technically proficient in every way. We examine over 40 important technical SEO factors including: 404 errors, canonicalization, server uptime, implementation of XML sitemaps and more.

Have you had trouble with your website’s search-ability and speed? Are you running into 404 errors everywhere you click?

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Website Migration
Launching a new website? Congratulations! I’m sure you have a lot of questions… How are you going to get ALL of your website materials to the new site? Are your rankings going to drop? Will your customers find the new site? We have your back.

At Digital Philly we know your website is one of the most important extensions of your business. We ensure that your website’s transition is smooth and that your rankings do not drop.

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Local SEO

Local SEO is a huge factor in building your business’ online reputation.

Digital Philly’s local SEO strategies allow you to aggressively and professionally build your digital brand with ongoing on-site optimization, content creation, and relevant back-linking. Your business’ digital reputation is maintained through review tracking and implementation of Google My Business’ latest features as well as proper structured data utilization.

Lastly, Digital Philly maintains communication with you so you can control your businesses’ digital direction. We do this through monthly customizable reports and reviews.

Local SEO is a must for any business servicing its immediate area. Potential customers will take the time to read the website of any business who appears in the top 3 results of their search. Make sure your business is getting in front of these searchers.

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E-Commerce SEO

E-Commerce sites are now more creator friendly than ever, but having a workable website is not the same as having an E-Commerce Digital Marketing plan. This is what Digital Philly can provide for your site.

Digital Philly’s E-Commerce SEO strategies improve your website by optimizing both your site and your top products so they appear atop the search results. This package also ensures your site is functioning with speed and usability across devices. This is crucial as E-Commerce sites are often bogged down by extra features.

Our E-Commerce strategies take into account seasonality and market trends. We provide monthly reports and strategy meetings so Digital Philly can work with your company to maintain the proper trajectory over the course of a business year.

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Content SEO

Have you seen the featured snippet on Google and wanted your company to have it? Do you want to build a piece of written or video content that explains your business in a concise and professional way? Then you’re after content SEO.

Increasingly, Google is valuing rich and informative content that answers searcher’s questions. Digital Philly can be the company to help you create such a piece of content. We don’t just want to create something that answers a search query (although we want to do that), we want to create something of lasting value to your business. These projects take time and effort to build but nothing worth having is easy to create!

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